Govt 324L test 2 review - Govt 324L, Politics of W. Europe,...

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Govt 324L, Politics of W. Europe, Fall 09 Freeman/Rivera The following is a list of terms, ideas, questions that covers most of the items that will appear on your second exam. At the end are 4 essay questions, at least 2 of which will be on the exam. 01. Table 11.5 shows the disproportionality and effective number of parties at the elective and legislative levels, as well as the share of seats held by women. Know the top and bottom country (or countries in case of ties) in each category (ie Netherlands and UK on disproportionality, etc.) 02. Contemplate Table 11.1 which shows that 20 of 28 countries have PR list systems; only Ireland and Malta have a version of STV; only six countries have made no changes since 1945, yet the text argues electoral systems are stable (p. 342) 03. Nature of Green parties (ideology, electorate, electoral success, behavior in government) 04. Table 11.4 summarizes thresholds in European electoral systems; the smallest threshold as percent of national vote is Netherlands (0.67%); the highest is 5% in 10 countries 05. What is the purpose of electoral thresholds? Is there evidence that they work? 06. Evidence of declining impact of social structure on left voting (table 9.4) What does this say about social change and the future of party systems? 07. Role of the Catholic and Protestant religions in the main Christian Democratic parties in Europe 08. Countries with the most successful communist parties in postwar period, average vote over the period 09. Difference between realignments and dealignments (definitions, indicators)
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Govt 324L test 2 review - Govt 324L, Politics of W. Europe,...

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