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Government Study Guide 1 - 1Study Guide, Exam 1 Govt 324L,...

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1Study Guide, Exam 1 Govt 324L, Politics of W. Europe, Fall ‘09 Freeman/Rivera The following is a list of terms, ideas, questions that seeks to cover all the items that will appear on your first exam. At the end are several essay questions, at least two of which will be on the exam. Some items on the review sheet will not appear on the exam and some items may appear in different form or context than on this sheet. 01. The main structural differences between the American executive and the typical executive in a parliamentary system (ie, separation of power, fixed terms, independent constituency, etc.). 02. The composition, powers, and selection processes for the lower chambers of the legislatures for Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 03. Importance of parliamentary oversight in Europe 04. Judicial review in Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Latvia (strong, weak; prospective, retrospective; binding, non-binding; abstract or concrete, who exercises it?) 05. Key aspects of the Westminster system of parliamentary government (Great Britain) 06. Key differences between consensual party systems and majority party systems (and countries where these systems are located) 07. Countries with current or historical examples of pure parliamentarism and characteristics thereof (Italy before WWII and after, Weimar Republic in Germany in the twenties, 4 th Republic
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Government Study Guide 1 - 1Study Guide, Exam 1 Govt 324L,...

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