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Name: SIAMAK KIANI Start time: April 6, 2009 9:19pm Time allowed: 20 days Number of questions: 17 Finish Help Question 1 (1 point) True or False? On the basis of specific strength , aluminum alloys are stronger than steel alloys. a. True b. False Save answer Question 2 (1 point) Based on a specimen's surface area to mass ratio, which geometrical shape is more amenable to hardening by quenching ? a. Regular and rounded. b. Irregular with edges and corners. Save answer Question 3 (1 point) The phase diagram for an alloy system that can undergo precipitation hardening must display which of the following characteristics? a. It must represent a binary alloy. b. The system must have an appreciable maximum solubility of one component in another. c. The system must have a solubility limit that rapidly decreases in concentration of the solute as the temperature falls. d. Both A and C above. e. Both B and C above. f. A, B, and C. Save answer Question 4 (1 point) Which group below only includes materials which form network polymers ? a. rubber polyethylene phenol-formaldehyde Learning System Quiz .. 1 of 5
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Assignment 6 Print - Learning System Quiz

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