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Materials Exam Study Notes from Text - Chapters 9 11, 14...

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Chapters 9 – 11, 14 Chapter 9 – Phase Diagrams 9.16: This section is devoted to a study of the phase diagram for this system and the development of several of the possible microstructures. Things you should understand by the end of this chapter: the importance of binary phase diagrams the difference between a component and a phase how to interpret a binary phase diagram o identification of phases o composition of each phase o amount of each phase how to use phase diagrams to predict microstructure the basis of the Fe-C phase diagram Solubility: the maximum equilibrium concentration of a solute in a host material If you have 1L (1000g) of water, how much sugar can you dissolve in it? (note solubility of water is 65% wt sugar) a) 650g of sugar b) 2000g of sugar c) 1350g of sugar The solution is 65% (about 2/3) sugar and 1/3 water. The weight of the sugar is twice that of the water so 2000g is the answer. An alloy contains 2 or more components. Alloys are defined by a composition which expresses how much of each element is present. Alloys can have more than one phase. If all the alloying elements are soluble in the host material in all concentrations you get a single phase alloy (this is also called a solid solution). If you leave a saturated water/sugar solution open to the air and the water starts to evaporate, what will happen? At some point there won’t be enough water to hold all of the sugar. The solubility for sugar will be exceeded , and some of it will come out of the solution in the crystal for (ie precipitate) to compensate. A
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Materials Exam Study Notes from Text - Chapters 9 11, 14...

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