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FEDERALISM Constitutional Delegation of Powers - A political system which divides power between a central and sub-governmental units - Co-sovereignty - Sovereignty - Independent authority over a territory - 2 bodies - The key to the success of a nation is managing co-sovereignty - Constitution - Delegated/enumerated powers - Article 1 - Legislative Branch - Legislative power (power to make laws) - “Power of the Purse” - raise money, spend money for national government - Declare war and raise army (Congress has declared war 5 times in the past) - Article 1 Section 8 - “Necessary and Proper Clause”, Congress should do everything necessary and proper to manage the national government; “Elastic clause”, Congress has implied powers not listed in the Constitution - Article 2 - Executive Branch - Executive Power - power to enforce laws - Commander in Chief - in charge of the armed forces - Grant Pardons - Treaties - President is the only position that can make treaties with foreign countries - Appointments - President appoints all federal judges and different heads of
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American Political System_Baugher__Date__021710 -...

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