American Political System_Baugher__Date__021910

American Political System_Baugher__Date__021910 - The...

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The Socioeconomic Environment (Chapter 1) - Policy-making Environment - The complex factors outside of government that have an impact on the policy making process Political Culture - The widely held and deeply rooted political values of a society - e.g. values, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations - It is broader and more public than public opinion - Two Key Values: - Democracy - Political authority vested in the people - Capitalism - Economic system based on individual ownership and a free market economy - The American Creed - Equality - belief in equality of opportunity - Individualism - Meritocracy - “American Dream”, you can make it based on merits - Liberty - Government can’t infringe upon our human rights, “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” - Is America “Exceptional”? - Distinctive from other cultures - Remarkable degree of consensus - Lack of competing cultures (viewpoints) - Challenges are perceived as “Un-American” - What are “culture wars”? - Controversies that divide moral issues not political ones
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American Political System_Baugher__Date__021910 - The...

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