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American Political System_Baugher__Date__022210 - Public...

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Public Opinion - Political knowledge, attitudes and beliefs - Issue oriented and specific - How do American’s develop these attitudes? Political Socialization - The process by which we acquire political knowledge, attitudes and beliefs - Learning process: - Begins in childhood, diverges in adolescence and continues through adulthood Agents of Socialization - The factors that contribute to political socialization through formal and informal learning - Five Agents of Socialization - The Family - Voting behavior - Political knowledge - Party Identification - Caveats: May change in early adulthood, difference more likely in college - School - Teach patriotism (pledge of allegiance) - Political Knowledge and History - Current Events - Authority/Participant Structure (schools teach obedience; but may not teach active participance/resistance) - Religious Institutions - Influence views - Promote beliefs - Peer Groups - Discussion among friends - Caveat: Endogeneity Effect - Media - More media consumption influences political involvement
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American Political System_Baugher__Date__022210 - Public...

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