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- Revolution of Ayulta - Deposed Santa Ana - Liberal revolt against conservatives (La Reforma) - Benito Juarez - Regarded as the most honored man in history - Anti- militaristic, against huge church power - Zapotec Indian - Did not like Santa Ana - Named Secretary of Justice - Ley Juarez laws - Declaration of indiviudal states that they have the right to limit power of the church and military - Miguel Lerdo - Ley Lerdo laws - Forced church to sell estates (muchotierra) - Outlawed tribal (communal) land claims - Indians are mad = rebellion - War of Reform - Catholic church (conservative) against liberals - Juarez forced to leave as a result - Religious holidays forbidden - Juarez becomes president and enemies are granted amnesty - Borrows foreign money - 1861 Convention of London - Threatened to seize customs house at Vera Cruz until the debt of Mexico was paid back to the European countries - Eventually backed out - Napoleon III - invasion from foreign legion - Archduke Ferdinand Maxmillian (2nd “emperor”) - Invited to Mexico to get rid of Juarez - Not sure if he wanted to go - Juarez flees again up north - Fight between Juarez and foreign Legion (Battle of the Puebla) - Foreigners lose - Cinco de Mayo - At the same time the civil war ends
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American Political System_Baugher__Date__040610 - -...

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