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Demographics - Age: Congress - House: 57.2 - Senate: 63.1 - Youngest: - House: 28 - Senate: 40 - Professions = lawyer or business man - College education +95% - Gender: 17.2% women - Blacks 7.8%, hispanics 5.4% Representation Contention - Descriptive - have the same background / like you to best represent - Substantive - as long as they are good and listen - Ted Kennedy - really rich but helps the poor - 1903 NYT debate over professions, house had too many lawyers The Functions of Congress - Law making - Representation of constituent interest - Constituent service - Oversight Representation - How should they represent and what interests should they represent?
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Unformatted text preview: - Models- Trustee - we vote for them because we trust them so they can do what they want- Delegate - Members of Congress should only vote for what their constituents want- Politico - Sensitive to both Constituent Service- Reason they do this for reelection - Do things for the people- Like Mike Castle’s website Congress is in charge of overseeing the executive branch - Police patrol oversight - keep an eye on them- Fine alarm oversight - constituents can come to them and complain about branch- less costly (money, time)...
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