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American Political System_Baugher__Date__040810

American Political System_Baugher__Date__040810 - Bloody...

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- Bloody history - Inability to transition from: - Colonialism to democracy - Dependency to prosperity - Society characterized by - Economic inequality - Social inequality - Forced to maintain hierarchal class structure - Used: - Army - Provided a coercive force - Only avenue for upward social mobility - Catholic Church - Comfort the rich - Bless the army - Christianize - But not incite the poor - Outlook that if your poor you should accept it because you’ll be better off once you are in heaven - Myth of Uniformity - No racial homogeneity - Guatemala: 70% Indian - Nicaragua and Honduras: Castes (some mix between the Indians, Spanish and Blacks) - El Salvador: Mestizo (Indians and Spanish) - Costa Rica: 80% White - No linguistic homogeneity - Guatemalan Indians - 19 Mayan dialects - Little Spanish - Moskito Indians - English - No cultural homogeneity - White, Mestizo, Black, Indian Geography Union with Mexico - Mexico and Central America empire (lasted 10 months) United Provinces of Central America (1823 - 1839) - After Mexico and Central American empire didn’t work - Then U.S. gets involved in Central America - “The high principles expressed by this government (The U.S. government) are not but
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