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The Presidency Powers of the President Chief Legislator Veto bills Recommend Legislation Give State of the Union Signing Statements Chief of State (diplomatic Powers) Ceremonial duties - greet, entertain, etc Appoint Ambassadors Make treaties Executive Agreements Chief Executive Appoints several thousand officials Supervises administration of departments Executes laws Execute orders Obama’s Executive Orders Closing Guatanamo Bay Reinstating Stem Cell Research Texting while driving Judicial Powers Appoints federal judges Reprieves and commute sentences Pardons Head of Party Backs candidates Power to raise money Appoint party officials Power does not equal Authority Not Unitary system Focus of the Media Psychological need to focus Normative Value on individual State of the Union Successful Leadership Can’t command - Must bargain
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Unformatted text preview: Persuasion Negotiation Going public Tools for Cooperation Budget Appointments Re-election support Appeals to national interest Going public Appeals to party loyalty Skowronek’s Theory of the STRUCTURE Affiliation with previous administration Resilience/Vulnerability of past policy The White House Staff Aids, Assistants, Advisors Give advice and assist in day to day operation Political and personal loyalty Executive Office of the President 10-20 offices and agencies Cabinet 16 different leaders of cabinets 6 leaders of EOP What is the role of the Presidency in policy? Agenda Building going public Formulation and Adoption Executive agreements and orders Veto power Implementation and Evaluation Appoint bureaucrats Creates budgets - OMB...
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  • President of the United States, Appoint party officials, Chief Executive Appoints, Chief Legislator Veto, Appoint Ambassadors Make

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American Political System_Baugher__Date__041210 -...

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