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American Political System_Baugher__Date__041410

American Political System_Baugher__Date__041410 - Make...

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The Bureaucracy Definition - Large organization - Specialized knowledge - Hierarchy of bureaus/offices/agencies The American Hodge-Podge - Not classic hierarchy - Few agencies are singularly controlled - Built over many years - Remains in flux Cabinet Departments - Major administrative units - Heads are appointed by the President - Expertise and loyalty Independent Executive Agencies - Major agencies not in cabinet - Leaders and board members appointed by president - e.g. CIA, NASA, Peace Corps, FEC Government Corporations - Government owned businesses - Self financing but may receive subsidies - e.g. Amtrak, US Postal Service, FDIC Foundations and Institutes - Research and art promotion - Heads appointed by the President - e.g. NSF and NEA Independent and Regulatory Commissions - Outside executive department and charged with regulating economy - Appointed by President but can’t be removed at will - e.g. FTC, FCC, EEOC Quasi - Government Companies - Private corporations created by Congress but not owned by the government
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Unformatted text preview: - Make profit and get tax breaks - Assist US population- e.g. Fannie and Freddie Rule-making - Congress creates organizations and goals- Agencies create the RULES - federally binding regulations - General policy goal -> rules -> IMPLEMENTATION Antithetical to Democracy?- They have a lot of discretion - Capacity to adopt policy unilaterally- Not elected - Not responsible to elected officials - But it is PERMEABLE Presidential Control over Bureaucracy - Appoint and dismiss political appointees - Can ask Congress to reorganize budget Congressional Control- Abolish- Restructure- Budget- Overrule rules Interest Group Control (Influence)- Lobby agencies- Lobby Congress- File Suits What is the role of the Bureaucracy in policy?- Agenda building- Reports and statements (e.g. General Surgeon) - Formulation and Adoption- Draft legislation related to agency- Implementation and Evaluation:- Implementation discretion (resemble law making)- Constant evaluation and recommendation...
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  • President of the United States, independent executive agencies, major administrative units, FEC Government Corporations, flux Cabinet Departments, President - Expertise

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