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Original Jurisdiction - Indicates that a court can eh a case that has never been. .. Appellate Jurisdiction - This indicates the ability of a court to review decisions by a lower court to determine if a law was properly applier - A court with an appellate jurisdiction cannot raise issue that a lower court failed to raise Subject Matter Jurisdiction - determines what type of cases a court can hear - for federal courts this is determined by Congress - This includes keeping certain subject matter out of purview courts - Ex: abortion - Subject matter of Federal courts is restricted to federal and Constitutional law - Do not deal with state and local law! Different types of subject matter - Civil - Involving a legal dispute concerning a private conflict between two parties - Criminal - A legal dispute dealing with an alleged violation of penal law - Others - Bankruptcy, administrative law Court System - US court system is divided into three parts - District court - Where most cases in US begin - This court only has original jurisdiction - Lowest court in federal system - There are 94 district courts in the US
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American Political System_Baugher__Date__041610 - Original...

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