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American Political System_Baugher_Date_021210

American Political System_Baugher_Date_021210 - The...

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The American Political System - Politics as a process (The Political System - Easton (1953)) - Input: political participation, interest groups - Output: policy - Government v Politics - Government - The institution with authority to set policy for society - Regulations - Services - Taxes - Politics - The way in which decisions for a society are made and considered binding. - The process that determines who shall occupy the roles of leadership in government and how the power of government shall be exercised. - The exercise of POWER through DECISIONS which have an impact on MATERIAL conditions - The Public Policy Approach (will use through course) - Method for studying politics - How does it become an issue? - Why does gov’t take notice? - How are politics formulated? - Public Policy - Government response or lack of response of government decision makers to an issue - The Five stages of the Policy Process - Agenda Building - First - Define a problem (problems are about normative judgement and perception) - ex: homelessness, healthcare
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