Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_021610_17

Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_021610_17 - Africa...

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EGYPT: narrow strip following valley of Nile - Centers at opening of river valley. Half of Egypt lives from “fan out” to Mediterranean - Giza Pyramids- in the center of the majority of the population, historic capital center, Cairo, 4500 years old, intended to be impressive based on their scale, on border between dessert and cultivated narrow valley land, looking at 3 of 30ish. 3 pyramids ( Chephren, Khufu, Mycerinus) stripped of their surface- originally flat and smooth sides, missing long causeways that lead to inlets from the river. Mortuary temple was large complex of structures when came to shore. o Tombs of 3 different pharaohs, burial chambers hidden in the center of pyramid- less important for security than ideology (all robbed after deposits made)- pyramid embodies the king and his immortality o Pyramids= sculpture/ tomb stones, rows are not straight, in center to hold structure together o Arranged in regular pattern, exactly aligned in directions (N S E W) o 1 block is height of average person (basic form mountain- reaching up to the sky) oriented based on stars and heavens and reaching upward o About the ruler reaching a place among the stars and living eternally, b/c stars were
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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_021610_17 - Africa...

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