Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_022510

Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_022510 - Augustus...

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Unformatted text preview: Augustus- wife Livia, this statue was found at Prima Porta- Had a role in how statues were going to be portrayed- Always wanted to control image more narrowly than actually could(rulers in general) Aeneid- 31 BCE- Commissioned to celebrate Augustus as the founder of the empire- 1 st few lines book one “I sing of arms and of a man…” til “high Rome” o Man who is not names is Aeneas (Trojan hero), being “Homeric” b/c homer does not state Odysseus as the man at first o Like in English lit where say ‘everyman’ who ends up being the hero in the stories o Virgil does not name him because he is partially writing about Augustus (double for Aeneas throughout poem)- most common title is Father and Pius o Allegory about Trojan war & aftermath- travel form troy to Italy and then descendents will become founders of Rome o Carthage- ancient Roman world rival, Dido(book 4-most famous part) “there was an ancient city they called carthage…”- Book 6 o Journey to underworld to find his father who will tell him the future...
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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_022510 - Augustus...

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