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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_030210 - Justinian...

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Justinian Constantinople (modern Istanbul) - When he came to the throne, roman empire was de facto divided into eastern and western territories - Direct rule from Constantinople - He tries to re-exert direct empirical central control over some of these territories - General: Belisarius( 533 conquers the Vandal kingdom. Seeks to defeat the Ostrogothic kingdom but is very bitter/difficult, sends small army to Spain) - 527-531 (Justinian as Emperor), was very greedy and needed lots of money which made him unpopular Roman Empire - What land he had after Belisarius defeated some of the regions. - Justin came from borders of Ostregoth kingdom and worked his way up through the ranks to rule in 518-527 (Uncle of Justinian), Justinian was “running the show” in terms of civil affairs in his uncles rein - Justinian gathered all the laws- created a great cone in one book, which is what we refer to when we talk about Roman law (still influence laws today because it is very difficult to change laws without offending people) o Does not have a background of royalty or divinity so he is trying to make up for that with—partially why he is so greedy Constantinople with Hagia Sophia - Fantastic harbor, where the fleet lead form - Constantine put up a wall to make a fortress - 1204 crusade took the city from inside - Best place in the city is the end of the peninsula, where empire was located. Roman imperial palace was on the south side - At least half a million people reside here by the time Justinian comes to power
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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_030210 - Justinian...

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