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Unformatted text preview: Charlemagne continued Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram- Image with grandson seated under arch looking at picture (image in book) o The subject in the mosaic of the Chapel in Aachen Soissons Gospels- Shows 24 figures of apocalypse adoring figure of a lamb, singing the hymn holly, holly, holly Images of fountain of life- Very first book we know made for and at command of a rules (Godescalc Evangelistary) o Readings from gospels according the liturgical year starting with Christmas o Really expensive, written with expensive materials G.E. Page with readings- Every page(300) has different ornamental patterns o Lower case script commonly used for books; 1 st use of this minuscule script in writing for a major book (Carolingian minuscule) ; revived 15 th century in Italy in the renaissance o Not a book to give away, book to keep o Queen Hildegard(sp?) dies in year 783book must have been done before this o Single most influential manuscript of all time (according to Nees) b/c sets pattern for...
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