Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_040810

Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_040810 - Bayeux...

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Unformatted text preview: Bayeux Tapestry continued Who has the right to rule chart- Problem of succession, who had the right to rule because King Edward has no heirs- Everything happens at West Minster—built by Edward o succession by nomination- #7= most important because William defeated Harold; succession by conquest o December 25 1066- KNOW THIS DATE (b/c Charlemagne also crowned on Christmas day so may not be a coincidence that William is crowned on same day)- Edward died on the January 5 1066, Harold was crowned on the 6 th (Wessex) Bayeux Tapestry, the beginning of the story- Many think this was made in South eastern England, even though it is a Normand story BT, Harold lands in France- Arrests Harold and takes him back to his place Tapestry:- Symmetrical scenes are all over/make a frame over enthronements Harold Speaking to William- Speaking about how the Danish man who was to inherit throne because had a child; child is said to be illegitimate (shown in arch like shape when man is touching women’s cheek)...
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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_040810 - Bayeux...

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