Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_042910

Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_042910 - Julius...

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Julius continued… Baldesar Castiglione From book IV - Wants to persuade him to erect great buildings Stanza della Segnature - Originally Julius’ library - First room to be decorated Disputa - Done 1508-1509 - Second most important painting - What exactly is it? - Bread[ made of wheat, baked]—presented at the altar (with prayers) to invoke god to create miracle in which bread turns into body of Christ; wine = blood (bread and wine become something else spiritually but not literally) o Commemoration of Christ - Disputa and Stanza facing on the opposite wall because had used Greek philosophy to explain the Eucharist (philosophy/theology on one and justice/government on other) - Hierarchy of church and earth down below Four fathers of the Church - Pope St. Gregory, Cardinal St. Jerome, Bishop St. Ambrose, Bishop St. Augusta - Agree on doctrine of transubstantiation - Figure of pope: beardless, pretty much modeled on Julius the second o Even some of the gestures imitated on both walls Pope Gregory - Kings dominated elections of Popes for almost 70 years Stanza d’Eliodoro
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Arth 167_Rulers' Images_Nees Jr._Date_042910 - Julius...

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