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3. Theories about the interplay between heredity and environment -If both genes and environment both influence all traits, how do they work together? A. Range-of-reaction principle: Gottesman -An individual’s genetic makeup establishes a range of possible outcomes, and his/her environment determines where he/she falls within that range -Type of environment (restricted – average – enriched) vs. IQ -Genes set upper & lower bounds (potential for IQ); environment & how it influences the child determines reaction range B. Genotype-environment correlations: Scarr & McCartney -Your genes can actually influence the type of environment that you experience -While genes and environment both influence your traits, the two are not entirely independent because genes have the ability to change your environment -3 ways genes can influence your environment: 1. Passive the kind of home environment is influence by the parents’ own genetic makeup -ex: Genetically-athletic parents bring sports/active lifestyle into
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Unformatted text preview: home kids could both inherit athletic genes, and be strongly influenced by the active environment -ex: extrovert vs. introvert personality; eating habits; etc. 2. Active we seek out environments for ourselves that are compatible for our genetic makeup-ex: choosing activities to be involved in; types of friends/relationships; travelling; type of education-Parents may do so for young children, but we make our own decisions as we age 3. Evocative a person’s genetically-influence traits affect they way that other people treat him or her-The extent to which a trait is displayed affects the way people treat you, which is a large component of your environment-ex: appearance/attractiveness (even affects the way mothers treat their children); sports ability; sociability-There is a change in influence across development of the 3 genotype-environment correlations a. Passive – decreases with age b. Active – increases with age c. Evocative – remains constant with age...
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