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Characteristics of Species Life history patterns Definition: patterns of growth, development and reproduction Fitness: recall results in evolution: What strategy would maximize your fitness? There are tradeoffs between growth and reproduction Allocation: The allocation of energy/resources must be between survival and reproduction vs. reproductive growth. Adaptations to biotic factors (other organisms) in addition to abiotic ones (environmental conditions) Result in phenotypic plasticity: polyphenism e.g. spadefoot toad tadpoles: some born carnivorous, others omnivorous same genotype, different phenotype based on environmental conditions Allometry: rate of growth of different body parts, leads to variation Type of reproduction is a basis life history trait (sexual vs. asexual) Most protists, prokaryotes and many “higher” organisms reproduce asexually, at least at tines Other organisms reproduce sexually Investment in gametes Isogamy
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date__031810 - Characteristics of...

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