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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date__050610 - Community Ecology...

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Community Ecology continued Early and late Successional plants have different characteristics Relate to r and K selection Early Successional Many seeds Small seeds Seeds dispersed by wind or animals Rapid growth rate Small mature size Low shade tolerance Long seed viability Low root-shoot ratio Late (climax) Few seeds Large seeds Seeds dispersed by gravity or eaten by animals Slow growth rate Large mature size High shade tolerance Short seed viability High root-shoot ratio Process that drives succession Facilitation Make area more suitable for other species Soil formation Nitrogen fixing Moderation of conditions Inhibition Make area less suitable for other species Allopathy Shading Predation Competition Tolerance Later species largely unaffected by early ones Especially early in the sequence Which pioneer arrives Equilibrium maintained through…
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date__050610 - Community Ecology...

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