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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date__051810 - Introduced Species...

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Introduced Species Mute swan Found in Chesapeake Current population size at least 4,000 Should be below 500 to not harm the ecosystem Large numbers are harming the ecosystem 1962 Captured swans escaped from a ship during a storm and established a population Eat coast grasses Are aggressive Some steps taken to reduce the population Limit reproduction Remove eggs from the nests Elimination? Need substantial data first that the alien swans are forcing out the native tundra swans Coleoptera taxifolia Invasive grass Killer bees Came from south America Fire ants Are now found in 14 U. S. states Came from ships ballasts Zebra muscle Outcompetes the native muscles New Zealand and Hawaii Have as many native species as they do alien species United States Has over 7,000 alien species Guam Lost all 3 of its native species due to the brown tree snake
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date__051810 - Introduced Species...

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