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Intro to Ecology Ecology Definition: The study of how organisms affect and are affected by one another (biotic) and their surroundings (abiotic) Restrictive: Scientific study of interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms Is biological and stems from basic research. Environmental science is broader and more applied. Why study it? Principles constrain our interactions with the environment We are limited by the same forces as other organisms and populations Connections can lead to unanticipated side effects Need to understand these side effects Human health risks Resource availability Overlaps with many areas Other sciences that ecology overlaps include: Genetics Physiology Behavioral sciences Evolutionary sciences Hierarchy of biological organizations Atoms Molecules Organelles Cells Tissues Organs Organ systems Organisms (basic unit of ecology) This is where the realm of ecology starts Communities Ecosystems Biomes Biosphere
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Unformatted text preview: As you move down the list, the level of understanding decreases Levels of organization Physiological ecology • Organismal level Population ecology • Population level Community ecology • Community level Ecosystem ecology • Ecosystem level Global ecology • Global level Also conservation, restoration, landscape, behavioral, microbial, terrestrial, extreme, historical, etc. ecology Characteristics of scale Temporal variation Spatial variation Questions (How, What, Why?) Different levels of analysis and different points of view of study Descriptive, functional, and evolutionary Levels of ecology study come from multiple sources Observations Field experiments Lab experiments • Need: ♦ Replication of treatments/control ♦ Assignment of treatments randomly ♦ Statistical analysis of results Mathematical models All ecologists use the scientific method...
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_020910 - As you move down the...

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