General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_040610

General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_040610 - Population ecology...

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Unformatted text preview: Population ecology Population ecology What is a population? Definition: a group of individuals of same species, living together, interacting with each other What is an individual? Definition varies Could be one puffin Could be one population of polyps making up one fan coral Population characteristics Geographic range Where the population is located Dispersion Pattern in which the individual is found Density Number of individuals per area Size Age structure Age in years Age in reproductive status pre reproductive reproductive post reproductive Geographic range The distribution of a population in space Within the range the distribution is still patchy Also includes entire life cycles Abundance varies throughout the range as well Habitat Abiotic features Biotic interactions Competition and predators that prevent species from living in a certain location Dispersal abilities Affect and affected by population density...
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_040610 - Population ecology...

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