General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_042010

General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_042010 - Predation...

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Unformatted text preview: Predation continued/parasitism Special features of predation Parasitism More details later Cannibalism Reduces population density Reduces stress Weeds out runts Helps your own offspring true predators Will prey more or less immediately Consumes several too many prey in prey in its lifetime Grazers Consume only party of each prey item Usually dont kill it Consumer several or many prey in their lifetime Parasites Consume only part of the host item Usually dont kill it outright Attack relatively few hosts in lifetime Recall that parasitism is not always a trophic interaction More species interactions Parasites (+/-) and mutualists (+/+) Symbiotic Living together Mutualistic Depend on each other Differences between predation and parasitism In both predation and parasitism One player is benefited and the other is harmed Both effect population of the exploited Predation Prey is killed outright and used for sustenance Parasitism Host is not killed outright Usually need host for more than just sustenance Host can also be: Place to live Transportation etc. Many parasites have more than one hosts Transmission from one hosts to another may require a vector Vector: is a carrier Can classify parasites in a number of ways: Micro Bacteria, viruses, protozoan Macro...
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General Ecology_Mahaffy_Date_042010 - Predation...

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