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General Physiology_Nohe_Date_041510 - Cardiovascular...

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Cardiovascular -transportation -resources get in and wastes are removed -pressure, volume, flow and resistance - cardiac muscle and the heart - heart structure and anatomy o -cardiac muscle versus skeletal o -resting membrane potential and action potential o -cardiac cells excitation- contraction coupling and relaxation Heart, blood vessels and blood Oxygen is moved from lungs to all cells Nutrients and water are moved from the intestinal tract to all cells Wastes are moved from some cells to the liver for processing Immune cells, antibodies, and clotting proteins are present in the blood continuously and are moved to any cell that needs them Hormones realesed from endocrine cells are moved to target cells Stored nutrients are moved from the liver and adipose tissue to all cells 3 components: heart, blood vessels, and blood Heart is 4 chambers (2 atrias 2 ventricles) o Divided by septum into right heart and left heart o It receives blood low in oxygen from all organs into the right atrium. It needs to be oxygenated so it goes from the right ventricle into pulmonary artieries to the lungs to the pulmonary veins to the left atruium to the left ventricle to be ejected into the aorta and then the aorta (main artery in body) supplies the entire body with oxygenated blood Systemic circulation- left side of the heart to the aorta to the veins oxygen poor Pulmonary circulation- oxygenation of blood Heart works as a pump it creates a pressure gradient and blood flows down pressure
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General Physiology_Nohe_Date_041510 - Cardiovascular...

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