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General Physiology_Nohe_Date_042710 - Chapter 13 The...

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Chapter 13 - The Respiratory System Functions of the Respiratory System 1. Provides Oxygen 2. Eliminates Carbon Dioxide 3. Regulates the blood’s hydrogen ion concentration (pH) with the kidneys 4. forms speech 5. defends against microbes 6.changes arteries’ concentrations of chemical messengers by removing some from pulmonary capillary blood and producing and adding others to this blood 7. traps and dissolves blood clots arising in systemic veins like in the legs Major airways along with ventilation occurs during breathing: nostril, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea (connective tissue), bronchus (one in each lung) Diaphragm contracts to pull air in The relaxation and contraction of circular smooth muscle lining the airways determines how easily air flow can occur Airways are split up into two zones. o The conducting zone funnels the air. It consists of trachea, bronchi, bronichioles and terminal bronchioles o The respiratory zone is responsible for the actual exchange of gas. It consists of the respirartoyr bronchioles, the alveolar ducts and the alveolar sacs which is where most gas exchange occurs. Functions of the Conducting Zone of the Airways 1. Low resistance pathway for air flow 2. defends gainst microbes, toxic chemicals and other foreign matter. Cilia, mucus and macrophages help with that 3. warms and moistens the air 4. causes sound This pathway has nothing to do with the exchange of air, it only funnels the air
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General Physiology_Nohe_Date_042710 - Chapter 13 The...

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