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General Physiology_Nohe_Date_050610

General Physiology_Nohe_Date_050610 - Exam 3 Respiratory...

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Exam 3 Respiratory Chapter 13 Kidney and Renal Function Chapter 14 Respiratory System Nose Nasal cavity Mouth Trachea Larynx Right and left bronchio Diaphragm responsible for expanding lungs Conducting zone and respiratory zone Conducting zone- trachea- bronchi- bronchioles- terminal bronchioles Respiratory zone- respiratory bronchioles- alveolar ducts- alveolar sacs Function of the conducting zones Low resistance pathway for air; resistane is regulated by changes in contraction of airway smooth muscles Defends against microbes Warms and moistens the air Phonates (vocal cord) Alveoli Sacs Each clustered alveoli include an abundance of pulmonary capillaries High surfaces area of alveoli to allow for gas exchange 2 different types of Alveoli o Type I-lines o Type 2- secretes surfactant Anatomy of the Lung The space inside the lung is filled with air The intrapleural fluid is found between the lungs and the thoraci wall Movement of the thoracic wall by skeletal muscles drives the ventilation cycle Airflow into the lungs- ventilation Takes up oxygen and removes carbon dioxide In the blood is called gas exchange from alveoli Inspiration pressure in trachea, oxygen in blood into left heart, and then tissues where oxygen goes in and carbon dioxide out, then moves to right heart into the pulmonary circulation, back to the lungs Right ventricle drives blood flow Diffusion drives gas flow Airflow is equal to the difference in pressures of alv and atm divided by the resistance Boyles Law Pressure of a fixed number of gas molecules is inversely proportional to the volume of the container Inspiration Diaphragm contracts Thorax expands Pip more subatmspheric Transpulmonary pressure increases Lungs expand
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