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CHAPTER 2: RESEARCH METHODS The Scientific Approach: A Search for Laws basic assumption: events are governed by some lawful order goals: 1. measurement and description 2. understanding and prediction 3. application and control The Scientific Method: Terminology theory : a system of interrelated ideas used to explain a set of observations hypothesis : a tentative statement between two or more variables variables : any measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviors that are controlled or observed in a study operational definitions : used to clarify precisely what is meant by each variable participants or subjects : organisms whose behavior is observed data collection techniques : procedures for making empirical observations and measurements statistics : used to analyze data and decide whether hypotheses have been supported scientific meetings/journals : where findings are shared or periodicals that publish technical and scholarly material research methods : general strategies for conducting scientific studies advantages of the scientific method: clarify of communication and relative intolerance of error (experts will point out what is wrong, things become clear and concise) Experimental Research: Looking for Causes: experiment: detects cause and effects relationships, only research method to draw causality independent variable (IV): variable manipulated dependent variable (DV): variable affected by manipulation
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General Psychology_Doran_Date__022210 - CHAPTER 2: RESEARCH...

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