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General Psychology_Doran_Date__031210 - Sensation...

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Sensation & Perception Part 2 Perceiving Forms and Objects: Perceptual Set : a readiness to perceive a stimulus in a particular way Inattentional Blindness: involves the failure to see visible objects or events because one’s attention is focused elsewhere Bottom-up processing: progression of individual elements to a whole (starting with sensations) Top-down processing: a progression from whole to individual elements (start out with idea of what your going to see, perceptual set is a top down process) Gestalt Principles: Phi Phenomenon: the illusion of movement created by presenting visual stimuli in rapid succession Form Perception: o figure and ground o proximity o closure o similarity o simplicity o continuity Vocabulary: Distal : stimuli that lie in the distance world outside the body Proximal : stimulus energies that impinge on sensory receptors Perceptual hypotheses: an inference about which distal stimuli could be responsible for the proximal stimuli sensed Perceiving Depth or Distance:
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