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General Psychology_Doran_Date__032410 - PSYCH 100 (3/22/10)...

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PSYCH 100 (3/22/10) Chapter 7: Memory (Continued) Forgetting: can be caused by deficiencies in all three steps of memory: encoding, storage, and retrieval Ebbinghaus (1885) studied himself and presented himself with new stimuli o tested his memory of the nonsense syllables after various intervals o forgetting curve Measures of Forgetting: retention: the proportion of material retained or remembered three typical measures of retention/forgetting: o recall: requires subjects to reproduce information of their own without any cues o recognition: requires subjects to select previously learned information from an array of options o relearning: requires a subject to memorize information a second time to determine how much time or how many practice trials are saved by having learned it before Why We Forget: ineffective encoding: information may have never been inserted into memory storage o often called pseudo-forgetting decay: memory traces fade over time interference:
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General Psychology_Doran_Date__032410 - PSYCH 100 (3/22/10)...

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