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General Psychology_Doran_Date__041910 - Chapter 11:...

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Chapter 11: Development Cross sectional study: study differences between 6 year olds, 8 year olds, 10 year olds, must faster, very efficient, study different age groups at different times, have to worry about cohort affects (generational gaps, different in age groups that could be attributed to the environment in which they grew up in) Longitudinal study: study same group of subjects over a few years, takes a lot of time, need lots of subjects, attrition effects (participants will drop out over time) Patterns of Attachment: strange situation test : bring children into the lab; child plays in proximity of caregiver, caregiver leaves and returns secure : play and explore comfortable when mother is present, gets upset when she leaves and are calmed when she returns anxious-ambivalent : anxious when mother is around, protest excessively when mother leaves, but not that comforted when she returns avoidant : seeks little contact with mother and not distressed when she
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General Psychology_Doran_Date__041910 - Chapter 11:...

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