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Personality The Nature of Personality: personality: an individuals unique collection of consistent behavioral traits personality trait: a durable disposition to behave in a particular way across a variety of situations (honest, reliable, friendly, etc) Personality Traits: dispositions and dimensions o relatively table and enduring within the individual o have some consistency and generality for each person differences between individuals arise from differences in the strength, amount, and number of disposition’s each person has How do we study Personality? projective measures o examine unconscious processes by having individuals interpret ambiguous stimuli thematic appreciation test (TAT) Rorschach test (inkblot) o strengths not transparent to respondents sensitive to unconscious features of personality o weaknesses scientific evidence is unimpressive susceptible to intentional deception “techniques” rather than tests objective measures o ratings on various scales designed to measure characteristics in an unbiased fashion MMPI 16PF and NEO Personality Inventory o strengths objective and precise extensive comparative data o weaknesses deliberate deception social desirability bias- people tend to answer questions based on what they tend to think is socially desirable response sets- people have the tendency to respond in the same way
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General Psychology_Doran_Date__042710 - Personality The...

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