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Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_031510

Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_031510 -...

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Tsunami US tsunami hazards “frequent” pacific tsunami Alaskan earthquakes Pacific northwest megaquake Hawaii volcanic flank collapse Atlantic coastal areas o Caribbean subduction EQs o Continental slope landslides - transform fault earthquakes do not produce tsunamis - mega-tsunami prediction: major landslide from Cumbri Viejo volcano (Canary islands) could
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Unformatted text preview: trigger mega-tsunami that races across the Atlantic 30 meter waves in 9 hours • issues: o nature of landslide- all at once or “multiple stages of landslide failure” o modeling of tsunami generation from landslide- depends on volume and velocity estimates o timing- not frequent events ← ←...
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