Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_050310

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- weather and climate are driven by the energy/heat from the sun - weather is T, P, Precip, Wind hot air rises, cold air sinks o if you have a packet of air that is warmer then the surrounding air, it is less dense (gas molecules are farther apart) air moves from high pressure to low pressure and you get wind hot air can hold more water vapor, as air cools, you get precipitation (condensed water vapor) EM spectrum - UV radiation (higher frequency, short wavelength)
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Unformatted text preview: ←- Visible Light ←- Infrared (lower frequency, longer wavelength) ← ←- Earth absorbs solar radiation (in visible light) and heat energy ←- Earth radiates heat back out into space (infrared) ← ←- there are atmospheric gases (CO2, CH4 – methane, H2O, CFCs) • interact (absorb) infrared radiation • energy absorbed by GHG’s in the atmosphere o some get radiated back towards the Earth...
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