Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_051010

Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_051010 -...

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- study guide for final posted on Friday - 2 more in class exercises plus course evaluation (counts as an in class) lowest two dropped - 1 more quiz lowest one dropped Hurricanes Definition: large, warm-core, low pressure system over tropical or sub-tropical waters (with temperature of the water being at least 25 degrees C) - warm sea surface temperatures air rises then cools and condenses towering thunderstorms - for Atlantic and Gulf form off of coast of Africa - tropical storm when it intensifies, becomes a hurricane how often? - 80 to 90 tropical storms per year - about 45 hurricanes (typhoon, tropical cyclone) Atlantic – Gulf coast about 6 named hurricanes/year Late june – November (August – September is the peak) Center of the hurricane - the eye Air is sinking that air warms up and clears Edge of the eye – eye wall
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Unformatted text preview: Low pressure around the eye High pressure outside of the eye- minimum wind speed is 74 mph- move with the trade winds (about 25 mph) how to measure the size?- Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale ←- between 1 and 5 ←- based on sustained wind (atm pressure) ←- storm surge (flood level as water comes in) ←- biggest in SS scale isn’t always most damaging ← ← Hazards ← 1) storm surge ←- lower atm pressure associated with storm ←- less downward push on the water ←- high winds that push water into a mound or bulge ←- crest moves ahead of the storm, but travels at the same speed as the storm ←- 90% of deaths in a hurricane are from storm surge flooding ← 2) wave damage ← 3) wind damage ←- does the most damage to buildings and structures ← 4) rainfall causes flooding inland...
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Geological Hazards and Their Impact_McGeary_Date_051010 -...

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