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History of Rock_Hamant_Date__032510 - Established rhythm...

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Ruth Brown: Established rhythm and blues artist She said “Elvis did it right and did it good” o This means a lot coming from her and other established artists She said that people thought Elvis was black when they were listening to him on the radio o People also thought Little Richard was a country western guy Colonel Tom Parker: Colonel was just a name used to address someone like Mr., wasn’t a military status he attained Was from Eastern Europe, lived in the South though He thought he didn’t have US citizenship but because he had served in the US military in WWII he was allowed citizenship from being in the US army (he didn’t know this) He had control over the Presley family Made a ton of money It was his decision that Elvis would not appear in A list movies, only B list movies o This way he wouldn’t have to compete with the famous lead actors o Made a ton of money for this He was a very interesting guy Elvis Presley: Made Rhythm and Blues permissible to white people his first national TV appearance was “Heartbreak Hotel” in 1956 performed “Money Honey” on TV Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly (a local talent of Lovett, TX), and Elvis would all tour together to promote the Record Label o The record label was Son Record Company (Sam Philips, owner) The traditional society reaction against Rock & Roll and Elvis was that it was “a contributing factor to youth delinquency” On June 5, 1956 he performed “Hound Dog” on TV The TV “Scandal” Everything had to be extremely clean to be broadcasted on live TV in the 50’s Elvis was already known to move suggestively
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date__032510 - Established rhythm...

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