History of Rock_Hamant_Date_030910

History of Rock_Hamant_Date_030910 - Jazz: New...

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Unformatted text preview: Jazz: New Orleans/Chicago style Jazz Traditional (a.k.a. Dixieland) 1895-1928 The term jazz was usually linked to sex Small group jazz; 3 to 4 solo instruments with rhythm section Polyphonic style uses traditional readily available instruments Marching band rhythm section, no piano Improvised, not read, oral tradition of music No piano, except as separate entity 4 beat simple meter feel Chicago: beginning of recording era (including New Orleans, groups who migrated to Chicago) Beginnings of drum set from theater work origins 2 beat simple meter feel school the geographical location where an artistic style comes into being and is practiced Scott Joplin: Jazz composer One of earliest jazz performers His song Rag Time is highly syncopated and has a ragged quality o Rags pieces writing in this ragged style o Most popular music of the entire music world of the late 1890s He sold one million copies of sheet music (unheard of in this time) Extremely wealthy man which was unusual because he was a black man from the south There was a Worlds Fair (like Epcot in Disney where different countries are represented by what they are famous for) and the U.S. chose two musicians to represent American music o John Philips Susan Cross between prestigious orchestra and The Beatles...
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_030910 - Jazz: New...

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