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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031110 - Drum set was known as...

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Drum set was known as the “trap set” because the drummer was trapped by his equipment Vic Burton was a famous drummer o He was the leading classical drummer o Also played jazz o Played with groups and also managed groups Soon after the drum set was invented, the foot pedal came into being o This allowed one person to be able to play the entire drum set At first the drums were used as a background instrument and used minimally because it was so loud and overbearing in recording Louis Armstrong: He contributes to Afro-European style of music (not in order of importance) 1. Codification of “Blue Note” tonality and flexibility of pitch (he applied it to everything he played, not just the blues) 2. Application of “singing” style to instruments, esp. one which was not previously a vocal instrument. Includes flexibility of pitch and use of vibrato (made it sound like singing when he played an instrument, it was thought of as impossible) 3. Codification of “swing elements” ex: lilted rhythm and phrasing around the beats 4. 1 st and one of the greatest virtuosos of jazz (so good that he makes it look effortless and easy); physical and musical capabilities beyond others, establishes a high standard for other musicians 5. Singing style is freed from the constraints of rhythm, “swings” around the beat, influences all singers afterward 6. Applies blue tonality to other forms of musical expression; including AABA song forms 7. Makes jazz an improvisers art; emphasis on personal, spontaneous creativity as the primary interest of the music Adventurous, didn’t play the same stuff every day; improvises “hot 5” and “hot 7” refers to the number of people on track Swing Listening Examples:
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031110 - Drum set was known as...

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