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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031610 - History of Rock Notes...

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History of Rock Notes for 3/16 Benny Goodman: One of the most famous jazz musicians, was also a classical musician He played classical jazz at Carnegie Hall o This was the first time this style was played He had a mixed race band o He didn’t care what race people were he just wanted good musicians Charlie Christian – guitarist, 1 st person to play the electric guitar Lionel Hanson – 1 st jazzaphonist -in 1943 musicians had to play pre-picked songs that were written down for them and could not improvise, which is really what Big Band music is -in NY there were two shifts at night for the musicians -the early clubs, could not improvise -the late night/ after hour’s clubs, it was all improvisation/ jam session Be-Bop: 1943-1955 The name of it went from “Re-Bop” to “Be-Bop” to “Bop” Jazz “evolution” became obtuse to popular culture Sought artistic expression over mass acceptance and commercial popularity; sometimes even eschewed popularity Highly virtuosic and emphasis on improvisation as reaction to “confines” of big band Increased harmonic vocabulary with extended triads Disjunct, asymmetrical phrasing and angular melodic lines Counter culture music (ex: Beat Nicks, Beat Boppers) Didn’t grab the new generation of listeners
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o It left an opening for a more popular style of music – Rhythm and Blues Dizzie Golesby: John Birks Golesby, his nickname was Diz Trumpet player from South Carolina Became elder statesman for jazz He bent his trumpet up at an angle – recognizable for this
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031610 - History of Rock Notes...

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