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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031810 - Jimmie Rodgers Becomes...

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Jimmie Rodgers: Becomes the first hugely popular solo male artist “the father of country music” Worked on railroad as a brakeman and he would wear his railroad suit on stage When he was 40 years old he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and went to the south west and started singing and playing the guitar Half of his recordings were Afro-European style He titled some of his recordings as blues 1929 recording of “Blue Yodel #11” (listening example) o He was copying stuff he heard from jazz musicians o He is swinging the rhythm and signing around the beat Subtle syncopation Prominently displaying blue notes o 12 bar blues o Does yodel after the blues chorus o 1 st guy who did the crossover of Afro-Euro, Blues, and Country Rodgers with Louis Armstrong: “Blue Yodel #9” o Also titled “Standin’ on the Corner Recorded July 16, 1930 in Hollywood Recording Style; Las Angeles, CA Armstrong had arrived in LA to perform at the new Sebastian Cotton Club and his 1 st appearance on film in “Ex-Flame” Armstrong’s estranged wife, Lillian, played piano on the track o Recorded by RCA Victor company Rodgers had been trying out differed backing bands, including Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, a Hawaiian band Said to be first time a white man recorded with a black man People didn’t like the fact that their “father of country” was playing with a Jazz musician o Louis Armstrong and Rodgers knew it would be compatible though 12 bar blues song Was covered by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band o It was the last song Garcia recorded before he died Bill Monroe: Played guitar and mandolin and sang His band was an acoustic country band, “Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys”
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_031810 - Jimmie Rodgers Becomes...

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