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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_051810 - The Who: They use...

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The Who: They use opera first in a rock song o “Tommy” which is about a kid who was traumatized by abuse, he was deaf, blind, and mute They were an early version of Punk o Their songs were about general dissatisfaction Started as a British invasion band “My Generation” o Idea of generation gap o Antisocial o “I hope I die before I get old” o Rodger (vocalist) uses a stutter in the song to emphasize/project the anger Destroying their guitars and equipment after playing became a part of their statement Pete got the famous windmill from Jimmy Page o Jimmy was warming up and he hit his guitar while it was on o This became a signature move for The Who and Pete Use opera, which is basically a play set to music o It can be fully sung or partially sung (Broadway) Pete wrote an opera and it eventually became a movie Labeled as “Punk Ethos” – general dissatisfaction with the way society is o They meant to be controversial o their intent was to be more serious used a moog synthesizer o could play with an ensemble o 1968 Mood creates this instrument o Could only play one pitch at a time o They could have 2 keyboards which gave 2 pitches o Used a lot for overdubbing “Switched on Bach” by Walter Carlos o He did the album doing Bach and overdubbed various parts o This was the first album like this Mini mog was created in early 70’s and became very popular o It gave a bending effect It became the standard for keyboardists to have an array of instruments around them (such as the acoustic keyboard, synthesizer, organ etc.) Keith Emerson:
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History of Rock_Hamant_Date_051810 - The Who: They use...

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