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Human Heredity and Development_Walsh_Date_032310 - Human...

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March 23, 2010 Professor Walsh Pedigree Analysis Pedigrees are symbolic representations of family relationships and inheritance of a trait. Connect mating pairs and number kids in order of birth. Twins share a line, identical twins have an extra line; generation is numbered with roman numerals. Shaded in boxes/circles are affected individuals. Familiarize yourself with shapes and lines in a pedigree Variations from Mendel Alleles can interact in ways other than dominant/recessive o Incomplete dominance - the expression of a phenotype that is intermediate to those of the parents; a blend or mixture. Ex. Red and white flowers made pink flowers pink crossed with pink actually came out to be a ratio of 1 red: 2 pink: 1 white. It wasn’t a blend after all which gave incomplete dominance. The heterozygote is in-between the dominant and recessive trait. Ex. Red flowers - R¹R¹ x White flowers - R²R² = R¹R² Human examples – May sometimes depend on the phenotype examined
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Human Heredity and Development_Walsh_Date_032310 - Human...

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