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Human Heredity and Development_Walsh_Date_040610 - EXAM...

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EXAM Thursday April 8 th , 2010 – Genetics problems, pedigrees, Review Session Wed 4:30 004 Kirkbride Dominance o Co-dominance – both phenotypes show o Complete dominance – the dominant trait will show o Incomplete – the recessive will show Sex-linked inheritance o ~8% of US males are colorblind o But…only ~0.4%of females because it is a recessive gene but can be hide in women. Men can’t hide it because they only have one X chromosome. o Fathers give their X’s to their daughters and their Y’s to their sons. o There are a lot of genes on the X chromosome X-linked recessive o No male to male transmission – autosomal you can seek father to son transmission o Hemi zygous males and homozygous females are affected o Daughters of affected males are usually heterozygous; can be written as Bb or XBXb o Affected sons have homozygous or heterozygous mothers (doesn’t tell us anything about the dad); sons will be colorblind. However, there’s a rare colorblindness with blue eyes. o
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Human Heredity and Development_Walsh_Date_040610 - EXAM...

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