Indigenous Woody Plants of the Eastern United State_Frett_Date_020910

Indigenous Woody Plants of the Eastern United State_Frett_Date_020910

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Format of notes 1. Scientific name 1. common name 1. height [max] - light 2. landscape features - soil 3. range - wetland status 4. environmental conditions - Successional status Three levels of soil (dry, moist, wet) Wet and heavy soils have little airspace and low oxygen levels Successional status Early Successional : first to be established, recover quickly Seral : middle, hold space, relatively adaptable Climax: not adaptable Naturalized:
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Unformatted text preview: escape Endemic: invasive Wetland status (percent chance you’ll find plant in a wetland) OBL: 99% FACW: 67-99% FAC: 23-66% FACU: 1-33% UPL: 1% No listing: does not occur Canopy Trees 1. Acer pseudoplatanus 1. sycamore maple 1. 40’-60’ [100’]- light: sun, part 2. Yellow, brown fall color-soil: moist 3. Not native- 4. Salt tolerant- escape 2. Notes: leaves are five lobed and alternating. not common...
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