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These notes go along with the Consumer Behavior slides What is Consumer Behavior? - Obtaining: buy it; by using the 5 stages of decision making - Consuming: use it; how or if you do - Disposing: will take away from large corporations - Consumer behavior is for individual consumption Agenda - Judgments means to evaluate alternatives - Choice regards purchase decision Attention and Comprehension - Attention: when see, feel, taste something - Comprehension: understand what got our attention in the first place Need recognition - Occurs when there is a “gap in the environment” - The cost is money, time in decision making process, what you give up Gaining knowledge - Firsthand experience: you know for yourself (very important) - Second hand experience: advertisements, others opinions, research on a product Firsthand experience -- in store samples: food/beverages, perfume testers, cosmetic samples - Mail samples: snack/cereals, laundry detergent, toothpaste
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Unformatted text preview: -Demonstrations for durables: test drive cars, software demos, music-Demonstrations for services: cleaning, trial lawn care, free carpet cleaning Encourage free trial-Example prescription drugs; consumer= doctor and buyer = patient Limits of attention-Attention can be grabbed or given (voluntary) or through advertisements (involuntary) Allocation of attention-Something close vs. something far; we are more effected by events that are closer How to grad consumers’ attention?-Through colors-Celebrities so offer a sense of familiarity to consumers Sex up your MKT Campaign?!-Self preservation is what we need to live (food and water)-Is the emphasis on sex a good thing? o When the product is important to you than you won’t take the risk of “sexing it up” Repetitions can also work against you-People didn’t read the word NOT-It should say, we fixed it, not we screwed up again...
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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date__022410 -...

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