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Other Consumer Behavior slides ( not many notes today that weren’t on the slides already) The consideration set (choice) - Probably don’t know all brands so then narrow down to ones we actually know then to brands you might buy then to the best choice for you - Want to be here if you are a marketer o External search: go online, ask a friend o Internal search: where do I want to eat tonight Constructing the CS - You can change consumers preferences by manipulating them o If add popular product people more likely to chose that than the other less know
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Unformatted text preview: products (example of manipulation)-Independence of irrelevant alternatives o If you prefer brand A over brand B then by adding C you should not change the way you feel about A and B The decision making process in detail-Need recognition, attention and comprehension process, memorizations, judgments, choice and post purchase behavior (KNOW THESE IN DEPTH) Go on class website and look at the consumer behavior case study answers, will be important and most likely on the test...
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