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Notes go alone with other consumer behavior slides (continued) Attraction effect - Chose A, B—50/50 before C o After C more will chose B over A o By adding a less attractive option we are making another option look more attractive Compromise effect - Will chose B because not closest/smallest but not biggest/furthest (pick the middle) - Why does this happen? o Makes it easier to justify your choice, especially if you didn’t have a preference in the first place Attraction effect (carwash) - Car was deluxe is less than wet wash, enticing you to buy a book Compromise effect (gas station) - Switch the order to try to tick you to pick the middle Choice heuristics - Short cuts! Attitude based Heuristics - Buy what you like (brand recognition) Attribute based Heuristics - Good vs. bad - Lexicographic: choose based on what is most important to you and if brand doesn’t
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Unformatted text preview: matter go to next aspect-Elimination-by-aspect : cut off (ex. At least 4 bedrooms)-Conjunctive : first that meets the cut off-Disjunctive: minimum one cutoff Donald Trump-Concept on Exam!-Non diagnostic- does not differential between the alternative Determinants of choice strategy-When one attribute will compensate for another compensatory strategy How much is consumed-75% more in shorter glasses than skinner glasses Post consumption feelings-Want to know if you will buy it again/how quick you will purchase again-If you like the product you will be less price sensitive and probably buy it again-If don’t like it then you won’t come back and will spread negativity through word of mouth...
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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date__030810 - matter go to...

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